Who We Are

e are the presence of the Methodist Church in Torrisholme, on the outskirts of Morecambe, Lancashire. You can find us by looking at our map here.

You can see some of our photos of Torrisholme and Morecambe here.

You can find out more about the National Methodist Church.

We have members of all ages from the very young children in our creche to the 'mature' members at the top end. We come from all walks of life and experiences but we share a mission statement which sums up our church life below.

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Mission Statement

Torrisholme Methodist Church is called by God to respond to the good news of God's love in Christ and to live out our discipleship through worship, prayer, bible study and fellowship. Powered by God's Spirit we are committed to :-

~~ Being a welcoming, loving, caring and supportive community

~~ Exploring established and new ways of worshipping God

~~ Taking risks for Christ

~~ Providing teaching and fellowship to promote growth in faith, knowledge and love

~~ Enabling everyone to discover and use their gifts

~~ Seeking to address the needs of local, national and international communities

~~ Ensuring that our resources are fully used for worship, fellowship & community activities

s well as meeting together as a church we regularly join with the other Methodist churches in our area, our neighbouring Church of England and other churches in our locality, especially through our bi-monthly prayer breakfasts which have included the Salvation Army, United Reformed Church and Church of England.

We prefer to celebrate the many similar beliefs we share with our fellow Christians than focus on the smaller, subtle differences in the ways we worship.