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Wastewatchers - Autumn 2008

Our wastewatchers Kidz Club was a great success. We had a full couple of mornings playing games, making crafts, watching our drama group perform, listening to stories and singing lots of new songs.

the drama team acting up
The wastewatchers theme was presented in drama around a park-keeper and 3 friends who transformed a messed up park into a place where people wanted to come and enjoy. We also had stories about how God's world has turned into a mess but how we can make it a better place by believing in God and sharing what we have together.

barry and parky
Barry and Parky made friends in the end!

Paint on the bum!
It was funny when Barry sat on the newly painted chair and then hit Larry with the plank of wood 3 times by accident. He was clumsy!!

In the craft activity we made paper masks - please DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS - and we cut out eye and mouth holes and used wool for hair. It was good fun and a great way to recycle left-over materials.

Our Masks

Our Masks
We also made fun musical instruments out of junk and some great junk models too!

Our Junk Models

Its amazing what you can do with old stuff. We also had fun making our hand pupets

Making hand puppets

We also played racing games which made us hot and all puffed out - especially the leaders! They are not as fit as the kids!

fun and games

This was topped off by hot dog lunch with the parents to end our morning of fun! Even the leaders got dressed up for the occassion. Here is "phil the bin" - geddit??

Phil the bin

If you missed out this time, don't worry - there will be another one soon and if you are of primary school age then you can join us too!

Keep checking back for details.

You really won't know what to do next !!

What shall I do next?

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