Torrisholme Worship Book

e have a great diversity of songs available to us at Torrisholme and make equal use of the old and the new. We have the Hymns & Psalms book and Singing the Faith as used in most Methodist churches today but also have our own compilation of modern songs in our Torrisholme Worship Book.

ver that last twenty to thirty years there has been an explosion of Christian music written, reflecting modern themes and approaches to Worship and we have taken our favourites from these and put them into our own worship book, which we keep adding to. The titles of the songs are shown below.

give thanks
heaven is in my heart
Oh, Oh, Oh, How good is the Lord
O Lord, hear my prayer
O Lord my God (how great thou art)
O Lord the clouds are gathering
O Lord, your tenderness
Only by grace can we enter
Open our eyes Lord
Open the eyes of my heart Lord
Our Father who art in heaven
Our God is a great big God
Over the mountains and the sea
Overwhelmed by love

eter and John went to pray
raise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise Him on the trumpet
Praise with joy the world's creator
Purify my heart
Put peace into each other's hands

eign in me
ejoice, rejoice, Christ is in you
Restore, O Lord
Rise and Shine
Risen, risen, Jesus is risen

hall we trust in universal death
hout for joy and sing
Sing a song, sing a joyful song
Soften my heart Lord
Spirit of the living God
Stand up and shout
Stir my heart, O Lord
Such Love, pure as the whitest snow

ake this moment, sign and space
each me to dance
Thank You for saving me
Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus
Thank you Lord for this fine day
The King is among us
The Lord's my shepherd I'll not want
The Spirit lives to set us free
The wise man built his house...
There are hundreds of sparrows...
There are songs for us all to sing
There is a redeemer
There is no-one else like you
This child, secretly comes in the night
This is the day, This is the day
To be in your presence
Today I awake and God is before me
e are marching in the light of God
e bow down and confess
We have come into His house
We lift your name on high
We want to see Jesus lifted high
We who live by sound and symbol
What kind of love is this?
What noise shall we make?
When I feel the touch..
When I look into your holiness
When I think about the cross
When I'm feeling down and sad
When long ago in Bethlehem
When the music fades
When the Spirit of the Lord is within..
Who can sound the depths of sorrow
Who made the twinkling stars
Who put the colours in the rainbow
Who took fish and bread
Who's the King of the jungle
Will you come and follow me
With all my heart I thank you Lord
Wonderful Grace

esterday, today, forever
ou are the King of Glory
You can never, ever, ever run away..
You laid aside your majesty
You lift your left arm high
You shall go out with joy

acchaeus was a very little man