Torrisholme's Got Talent

A great evening of entertainment occured at our Torrisholme's Got Talent event. There was a wide variety of talent on show and our judges passed their views on comments. Erics version of Simon Cowell was even more cutting than the real thing!

The event was, as ever, wonderfully hosted by our Wendy. The band won on the night by a slim margin but it has to be said that all the acts were winners!

The band, twisted, at TMC
We had a story from John, our resident story-teller
John telling a story at TMC
A cracking trumpet solo from one of our younger members
Trumpet solo at TMC
A story & song from Richard. I'll not be bringing a lion home anytime soon after that!
Story & Songs at TMC
Housegroup 2 gave a stiring rendition of Uncle Tom Cobbley (and all)
Uncle Tom Cobbley at TMC
And we also had an excellent duet from our visitors
Duet at TMC
Our youngsters did us proud for talent, we had no less than 3 songs from the girls
Song from Annie at TMC
Song at TMC
Songs at TMC
David gave us a mime on how women sew, followed by how men do it... it had us all in...erm.. stitches!?
Sewing mime at TMC
We had a Lancashire poem (from Darwen) and a George Formby number from Ian
George Formby at TMC
Shiela gave us a story of how the back of a 1 pence reminds us of our faith, we all gained a penny each for her troubles too! I'm sure next time she could talk about 5 notes !!
Penny Story at TMC
And who can forget the lighthouse mime to conclude. Here's Frank and Dr Peter wondering how to get a body down the lighthouse steps
The lighthouse mime at TMC