Stars in their eyes

An excellent evening of entertainment was to be had at our second stars in their eyes event. There were more children's acts than adult acts (Lets see more adults next time!!) but all were to a really good standard.

A wide spread of different musical styles and dancing was on offer and lots of fun and laughter too. Where else could you find The Sugababes, Sandi Thom, Abba, Mika, Ozzie Osbourne, The Proclaimers and Eric Clapton (to name just a few) all on the same stage?

It was a shame there could be only one winner in each group they were all deserving of being crowned!

We started with the Sugababes
The Sugababes at TMC
There was Chico and High School Musical
Chico meets High School Musical at TMC
Sandi Thom and Tae Kwando
Sandi Thom at TMC
Mika and some big girls! Mika at TMC
George Sampson with some great dancing
George Sampson at TMC
...And the Spice Girls
Spice Girls at TMC

In the adults section we had Eric Clapton (plus Benny from Abba)
Eric Clapton at TMC
The rest of Abba were there too!
Abba at TMC
High School Musical High Street Musical at TMC
Ozzie Osbourne Ozzie Osbourne at TMC
And the Proclaimers The Proclaimers at TMC
We had Kelly Matthew as our host and what a good job she did too!
wendy was our compere for the night