Sunday Morning Service 10:30 am

he Sunday morning service is the largest gathering of our church. It is split into two parts, the first being suitable for all ages and aimed at children and the second part being aimed at adults as children leave to do their own activities as described in the Junior Church section.

he first part of the service we call the "first 20 minutes". This part of the service is child friendly and as such it doesn't matter to us if any of our children are having a noisy day! It's all part of accepting everyone in our worship.

typical Sunday morning service will look something like this, although it can vary.

10:20 Pre-service Songs.

Although the service starts at 10:30 our singing group often start us off with 2 or 3 songs before service. These help us to come to worship in the right frame of mind, reminding us that as well as meeting friends and saying hello we are here to meet with God . During this time people are arriving for the 10:30 start so there is plenty going on. It doesn't matter if people arrive during this time while the singing is going on so please don't think the service has already started and go back home - carry on and join us!!

10:30 Service Starts

The service starts properly at 10:30 and the first twenty minutes is sometimes led by one of our church members. We often have 2 songs and a simple prayer mixed in with other events.
These events may be a talk, a drama sketch, an illustrated story, a powerpoint presentation or more praise and worship songs. Whatever we do, and it does vary, it is aimed at children (but often appeals to the adults too!).

Around about 10:50

We then have a "dismissal prayer" which means the children are about to leave to do their own thing and the adults stay for more. Some of our younger children like mums and dads to go out with them and just settle them as a comfort then come back into church. But don't worry, if your child wants you to stay for their activity that is fine.

The remainder of the morning service follows a more traditional format with further songs or hymns and usually a short sermon.

On the first Sunday of the month we usually have holy communion and we invite everyone to join us. Friends may, if they wish, stay to experience the service and receive a blessing rather than taking the bread and wine.

Somewhere between 11:30 to 11:45

After the service ends, tea and coffee are provided with juice and biscuits too so we can meet up and have a friendly chat! Not everyone wants to stay, which is fine, but it's great to see as many people as possible.

orecambe Good News Van

Once a month the Good News Van joins us. You can find out more about their work at the bottom of the activities page.

air Trade

We support fair trade as one of the simplest and most effective ways of expressing our Christian commitment to justice. We are convinced that the glaring inequalities in God's world are incompatible with the coming of His kingdom.
We use only fairly traded tea and coffee and encourage all our members to buy Fairtrade alternatives where possible. We have a regular monthly stall after the morning service, usually on the first Sunday in the month; and supply Traidcraft goods to several local churches and other organisations. Our aim is not to make money for the church but, by keeping prices as low as possible, to encourage everyone to try Fairtrade items and raise awareness of the benefits of trade based on fairness and partnership. For more information contact Lyn or Bernard on 01524 417662 or go to to see the range of goods available.