Nativity 2009

We had our nativity service on an Xmas factor theme. We scoured Palestine for special people to meet Jesus, who was God come into the world.

Many people and animals auditioned but no-one was deemed special enough by our panel of judges! So Christmas and the Xmas factor was cancelled.

Then we were reminded that God came into the world for everyone regardless of ability or background, culture or colour. Christmas is for everyone and we are all invited!

Mary was too young and inexperienced, Joseph's blood-line counted for nothing and the donkey was the people's choice, but the judges weren't interested!

Mary, Joseph and the donkey

And here are our judges, Dani, Louis, Cheryl and Simon

Our XMAS factor judges

The angels were too showy and cabaret!!

The angels at TMC XMAS factor

The shepherds were too ordinary....

The shepherds in the XMAS Factor

The sheep were just too baaaaarrrmy....

The sheep in the XMAS Factor
The Kings were very wise - but sooooo yesterday, especially their gifts and crowns.

The kings in the XMAS factor

The Nativity Tableau

Our Nativity scene
Gabriel reminded us that Christmas is for all of us.

The Angel Gabriel
And we had the Christmas story read out to us again.

The Readers