Sunday Mornings

We have "Plugged In" sessions on Sunday mornings which cover all ages from 0 to 18. We have a good number of committed Plugged In leaders and many helpers from within the church congregation. Plugged In is a place where children have FUN but learn about the Christian faith in an inclusive manner from craft activities, games, bible stories, songs and simple prayers.


We have a session for 3 to 11 year olds where the emphasis is on fun while gently introducing the children to familiar bible stories & faith issues. Activities range from drawing and colouring, craft making, songs, games and even supervised cooking. No two weeks alike! This takes place in our long room which is ideal for putting out tables and chairs yet has enough room for a bit of running around.


Next we have sessions for senior children (over 11 - 18's). The activities here are based at their respective age groups and involve lots of talking through and listening to each other's ideas on all manner of things. Teenagers often have something to say and an opinion they want to share! Lively and fun in the informal lounge.


For those aged 14 and over there is also a YF (Youth Fellowship) meeting on Sunday evenings between 7pm and 9pm. Activities range from bowling and games nights through to discussions on hot topics and bible teachings. A lively atmosphere with lots of laughs and quite a few of those moments which make you stop and think!

Holiday Clubs

For children of primary school age (5 to 11) we have holiday clubs which run 2 or 3 times a year. These run on Saturday and Sunday mornings where we have a fun-packed theme that we follow. The events start with an action-packed Saturday morning, followed by hot dogs where parents can also eat with their children and find out what they have been doing. This is followed by a sunday morning special children's service. The key word for both of these sessions is for the children to have fun. We have singing with keyboard, guitar and drums, craft-making activities, games, drama sketches, stories and more! The children love coming to these events. Click here to see some past events.


At TMC we take the protection and wellbeing of children in our care very seriously. We have a written safeguarding policy which is actively followed and regularly reviewed. This incorporates the standards set down by the Methodist church on numbers and composition of adults in each group and how children and any vulnerable person should be treated. ALL of our Junior Church leaders and helpers hold current DBS Certificates and we have a member of church who is not attached to the Junior Church section who acts as our safeguarding officer.

Please Note: there are no photographs of our children on this website without their parents permission. This is in accordance with our safeguarding policy, thank you

Morning Service

The first 20 minutes of our Sunday morning service are aimed at children. We love to have the children join in the service and don't mind the noise and any disruption that comes with it! After the first 20 minutes the children leave to their own age group activities as listed on the left. Parents are welcome to accompany their children while they settle in.

Praise Sessions

We have a praise session for the children once or twice a quarter which replaces the usual Sunday activities for the primary and juniors. Here we make lots of noise with keyboards and guitar, singing and lots of musical instruments for the children to have a go with. Singing action songs which are beamed onto the wall via laptop and projector. To us adults this is more like a work-out at the local gym!