The Hall

ur hall is a large open area which is well lit having many windows. It has a polished, smooth wooden floor and a stage at one end. Off to one side of the hall is the creche area which is brightly painted and has lots of toys for youngsters. The kitchen opens onto the hall by way of a large serving hatch, a great way to serve hot drinks without carrying them down corridors or through doors. There are tables and chairs stored at the sides and in other side rooms. A versatile, large space suitable for many church and community uses. We use it on Sundays for our Junior Church, plenty of room to spread out, have a praise session or play some games.

A social reunion of past YF members in the hall, looking towards the stage area.

Yf Reunion, lots of catching up to do in the hall!

This is the hall looking away from the stage towards the kitchen serving hatch

The view from the hall to the kitchen