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Showstoppers - Summer 2009

e had a great time at the Showstoppers Kidz Club event in Summer 2009. Lots of stories, drama, songs, crafts, games and fun!!

Were you there? Do you remember how in the drama story the Showstoppers theatre couldn't make anything work until they discovered a star right under their noses in Michael the cleaner. In this photo the cast at the theatre look fed up trying to work out what to do!

Showstoppers cast looking fed up
e also had lots of stories, our favourite was how David beat Goliath because he trusted God would help him. Bernard had the kids spellbound as the story unfolded!

Bernard tells a good story
o you remember how we made some crafts, we had lion masks and made lion sculptures which will grow watercress manes. Helen was at her best yet again to keep us all occuppied!

What we made
Making Crafts

hat fun we had with the maltesers game! A three-legged race with a difference in that you had to pick out a malteser from a cream filled plate with your mouth alone. What a mess!!!

Maltesers game
Phil lending a helping hand
What a mess we made
f you missed out this time, look out for our banners again in October!!! look out for our next event

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