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Go For Gold - Spring 2008

Over 40 children came and had fun at our Go for Gold Kidz club event. We had fun watching the drama stories, singing songs, making craft items and playing sports games outside.

the Allympics teams
The president of the Allympics (Phil) was our host and he and Frank told us all about a man called Paul who thought his own life was like a race, full of ups and downs, sometimes things went well and it felt like winning gold and sometimes it didn't. It was difficult trying to tell people about Jesus. But Paul went on to write a large part of the Bible!

Our brilliant actors told the story of the Allympics and how Wilma and Chuck fell vicitms to sabotage.

Our Go for Gold actors
Everyone thought it was the reporter but it turned out to the physiotherapist!! What a turn of events that was.

The craft activity was making paper frisbees, these flew really well and were pretty easy to make once you knew how to fold the paper.

The craft Frisbees

Making frisbees

We also played obstacle races outside, bouncing on space hoppers, walking over the balance beam, through the tyres and under the sheet.

fun and games

This was topped off by hot dog lunch with the parents to end our morning of fun!

ballons at the closing ceremony

If you missed out this time, don't worry - there will be another one soon and if you are of primary school age then you can join us too!

Keep checking back for details

The Go for Gold band

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