Pastoral Visitors & Care Team

Pastoral Visitors

e have a wide network of pastoral visitors who regularly contact anyone that has had contact with the church. These people are on our Community Roll which stands at over 450 members at present. In order for us to keep in touch, the minister is assisted by a team of Pastoral visitors. At the moment there are 34 visitors, who each have a list of people whom they visit on a regular basis and also deliver the bi-monthly Newsletter. They liaise with the Care Team to ensure that anyone in particular need is given appropriate care.

Care Team

n order to enhance the Pastoral Care provision within our Church Family, the Church Council approved the creation of a small working group to meet every Monday at 9.15am, and so it was that on 15th July 2002 The care Team had its first meeting. Under the Chairmanship of Bernard Vause the group (Vi Newton, John Day, Rhona Slater, Jennifer Kay) meet to review the names of those going through difficult times and needing support whilst at other times we share with friends celebrating good news. Obviously we work closely with The Pastoral Visitors and we exchange information for further action to be taken where appropriate Where necessary we arrange visits, send cards and flowers, uphold people in our prayers and try always to demonstrate the love that Jesus has for each one of us.