Building Work 2011

2011 has seen some much need updating and modernisation at TMC. Some of the work is towards a change in the main worship area during 2012.

We have refurbished the ladies and gents toilets

Refurbished toilets at TMC

The stairs now have shallower steps, with an extra turn so they are much safer and less steep than previously

New, safer stairs at TMC

The organ loft was removed from the main worship area. This has really opened up this part of the room so that we can build this up as the new front of the church.

The organ loft was removed from the church area

A new, wider door into the church area means that we all can now use the same entrance.

A new, wider door at the entrance to TMC

Even new curtains made for the stage area in the hall! Very smart!

new curtains for the stage at TMC