More than 80 people connected with 12 different churches in our district came together at a special baptism service recently at Stanley Road Baptist Church.

The ecumenical believers’ baptism saw Bernard Vause share his testimony before being immersed fully in water as a symbol of his Christian faith.

Bernard is a regular preacher on the Methodist circuit and is president of Morecambe Brass Band Association.

Born into a Salvation Army family he was dedicated as a baby, but never baptized, a pre-requisite for all Methodist Lay Preachers. How he slipped through the net will never be known, suffice to say that on this special occasion he was baptised by Rev Paul Beard, minister at Torrisholme Methodist Church.

Bernards Baptism

Retired URC minister, Rev Richard Davis, spoke powerfully on Matthew 28:16-20, encouraging the congregation to be committed disciples of Jesus.

Afterwards he said: “It has been great to have so many churches represented. The music and the singing was quite stupendous.”

“I was impressed by how alive the whole service was – it was a real celebration of togetherness and of oneness in Jesus Christ.”

Other people involved during the service included Keith Tattersall (Wesley Methodist), David Thorp (St Martin of Tours, Westgate), Dan Giles (Home Church), Michl Kohl (Morecambe Community Church) and Steven Hewitt (Stanley Road).

The service was timed to coincide with the end of the ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’. A video of the service can be seen at