lease take a look at our activities below which all take place at church. You can be sure of a warm welcome if you decide to join us! There is something for everyone, just look up what day and time we meet and who the activity is for.

n addition we have 5 house groups which meet fortnightly on different nights in the week. Each group has around eight to a dozen members where we meet to discover more about our faith and share our experiences of life!. Click here to find out more about house groups

Who for
Sunday 8.30 am Communion Everyone !! 2nd Sunday in the month only
Sunday 10.30 am Morning Service Everyone !! Includes Junior Church
Children very welcome
Sunday 6.30 pm Evening Service Everyone !!  
Sunday 7.30 pm Youth Fellowship 14-20 See our section on Junior Church for more details
Monday am Care Team Meeting Care Team  
Monday 6.15 pm Brownies &
Girls 5 - 11  
Tuesday 10.45 am Bible Fellowship Everyone !! At Sister Vivien's House
Tuesday 7.30 am House Groups Everyone !! At various Houses
Thursday 2.00 pm Women's Fellowship Ladies only please  
Thursday 8.00 pm Girl's House Group High School Girls At the Pilling's House
Thursday 7.00 pm Worship Band
Anyone who wants to deepen their faith by playing or singing modern Christian music & songs.  
Saturday 9.30 pm Prayer Meeting All welcome In the vestry

Good News Van

The Good news van is a free library of Christian books, videos, audioo tapes and DVDs and travels around local churches on Sundays and some mid-week days. This is a very useful service and we make great use of it at Torrisholme, some of our church members volunteering their time to keep the van on the road!
You can find their website here. Please support them by borrowing items and passing your own items on when you have finished with them.