Worship Band

We have a rich heritage of hymns from the past, we sing these knowing that the writers have celebrated & struggled with their faith throughout the centuries.

But much of the language is out-dated ("thees" & "thous") and music has also moved on since.

So, as well as embracing some of the great hymns from times past the worship band was set up to explore the explosion in modern Christian music in the last 2 or 3 decades.

There are many gifted, modern songwriters who are exploring faith with modern words and tunes and we use their work as a spring-board to updating our musical worship at TMC.

The band has evolved mainly as something for the teenagers in our church but is actually open to everyone! We make use of keyboards and drums and band members also bring their own guitars, brass and voices. If you can play an instrument of want to learn one then this is a great forum for doing just that. We learn together, listening to each other as we play and sing, leading worship in church and discovering more of our faith at the same time. It works on many different levels.

We have even recorded ourselves and been to see song writers like Matt Redman in concert.

There are only 2 rules, be READY to play at 7pm on a Thursday (not still tuning up!) and be encouraging of everyone's efforts.

Come along or speak to either Tim, Daryle or Jim for more details.